How to Add Pictures to a WordPress Page or Post

How to Add Pictures to a WordPress Page or Post

Adding pictures to a post or a page in WordPress is very easy! Just follow along the picture tutorial below. Click the thumbnail images below for larger pictures.

The steps for adding a picture to an existing page or adding to a new page are exactly the same. In this case I show how to add pictures to an existing page. If you would like to learn how to create a new page, just follow this link. Follow this link if you are not sure how to edit an existing WordPress page.

Step 1: Log Into WordPress and Select Manage.

After logging in to the admin section, select the Manage link from the top of your Dashboard page.

Step 2: Upload an Image.

You can upload the image by selecting the image icon located immediately to the right of the Add Media title found atop of your page editor. Be sure to put your cursor on the page where you want the image to display before starting! Click the image below for more detail.

Clicking that link will result in a new interface popping up. Select the ‘Upload link’ and select the image from you desktop as shown below.

This page is intended as an evolving resource for anyone who needs a little help getting used to WordPress. If you feel an answer could be better explained or you have additional questions, just ask me here.