How to Create a WordPress Website on Network Solutions

How to Create a WordPress Website on Network Solutions

It is very easy to create a WordPress website on Network Solutions. I’d bet that you can complete installation in under 5 minutes if you follow these directions.

If you do not have a Network Solutions account, read my review of their services.

I know it looks like there’s a lot to do but all of it is clicking links that they provide. I’ll break this guide up into 2 parts: Navigation and Installation.


Log In

Got to Network Solutions and log in.

Once you log in you will be in the Account Manager Page.

Hosting Tools

Look further down the page and locate the My Hosting Packages section. Click on Hosting Tools.

Web Hosting page

You will now be brought to the Web Hosting page.

Open Source

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Open Source section.

You will be brought to the Open Source page. Click the ‘Add New’ button.

This will start the guided WordPress set up. A few more clicks and you’ll be all set.


Step 1

On this first step select you domain name. For me this would be

For you it will be whatever URL you registered with Network Solutions.

You won’t need to select a folder so just leave that blank.

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


The last part is to wait a few minutes while Network Solutions automatically installs WordPress.

After 5 minutes, click the ‘Back to My Applications’ link.


Once back in the My Applications page find your new WordPress website. Click Manage to expand the link. Then click log in to go to your new WordPress website.

Congratulations! You just installed WordPress and are now well on your way to world domination!
Log on to your website using the username and password you entered previously.