WordPress Dashboard Basics - The Right Now Box

WordPress Dashboard Basics – The Right Now Box

The Right Now box that you see in your WordPress admin screen when you log on shows you an “at-a-glance” look at your blog’s posts, pages, categories, and tags. The idea is to give you a quick view of your entire website. Let’s step through the basics.

The Right Now Box in the WordPress admin area. Understand your website in a single glance with the Right Now Box in WordPress


The left side of this bod shows you the numbers of pages you have on your website and the number of posts you have written. Remember, there is a subtle difference between WordPress pages and Posts.


Here we find a count of total, approved, pending, and spam comments.


The total is just that, the total number of comments your visitors have left on the site.


This is how many comments you have approved and are now showing up on your website.


Some webmasters looking for easy links back to their website make phony comments on your site because WordPress includes a link back to their website. Sometimes people use automated robots for this purpose. The idea is that this will help them in search engine rankings and drive traffic their way. The number shown here is how many comments WordPress has identified as spam.


Sometimes WordPress cannot tell if a comment is spam or not. Also, some WordPress websites are set up so that an administrator must approve every comment before it appears on the website. In either case, this number reflect how many comments are waiting for the webmaster to sort them out. Each time you see a number greater than zero here you want to click on it and mark each comment there approved or as spam.

The rest

Below the Content and Discussion areas are some links to get you into themes, widgets, or the spam queue.

Just click on any of the numbers shown and you’ll be taken to the associated screen. You will be able to moderate the items in the discussion if you click those numbers. If you click the posts or page number you”ll be taken to that main screen.

This page is intended as an evolving resource for anyone who needs a little help getting used to WordPress. If you feel an answer could be better explained or you have additional questions, just ask me here.